Affiliations & Memberships

Account Control Systems maintains partnerships, certifications and memberships with many of the Collection Industry's leading organizations and companies. We maintain these affiliations to ensure that we serve our clients and their customers according to the highest industry standards. Their maintenance keeps us up-to-date with the latest developments in technology and ensures our clients that their accounts will be processed fairly and professionally. We promise our clients that their customers will always be treated respectfully and in accordance with the Industry's "Best-practices."

We are a member of the American Collectors Association (ACA). The ACA Guide to State Collection Laws & Practices is the standard that agencies use to maintain compliance with the .ever-changing individual state and federal guidelines. Additionally, ACS is one of a select group of certified agencies that requires its collectors to attend and pass a vigorous educational program. We ensure that our company provides quality and compliant services by employing and training collectors to be industry-certified and abide by HIPAA, CCAA and IACC guidelines as well as those of other respected entities within our industry.

Below you can see logos and badges of many our affiliates. Also, see our "Accolades" page for some of our certifications. There is a list of several of our clients on our "Our Clients" page.